Nooitgedacht Village Park

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At the end of 2018 we were approached to join the team working on the redevelopment and completion of the Nooitgedacht Village Park in Stellenbosch.

The first phase of our involvement was the layout and installation of the laterite pathways including the provision of necessary sleeves for irrigation and future electrical requirements.

As the pathways progressed we started on the new park layout, taking the LA concept and adapting and modifying to the onsite conditions. The site is an old clay quarry and the soil in most places is pure clay. The welcome 2019 winter rains caused havoc and informed redesign and sub soil drainage installation to deal with the water.

We were then given a 4 month deadline to get the park ready to for the opening to the residents and full earth works, shaping and preparation with introduction of organic fertilizers and other soil improvements and additives.

The park opened on time and although there are additional areas that will be developed over the coming months we are very proud and happy to have been part of the team the created this wonderful public open space.

Aerial View 2016
Before 2018
Before 2019
Before 2019
Before 2019