Garden Landscaping Ideas, take a step back

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We are slaving away to be able to live comfortably and to surround ourselves with lavish household items, but do we afford our gardens and backyards the same attention?   I would like to share a few garden landscaping ideas and notes with you.

If your garden, courtyard or backyard doesn’t complement your living space, it creates a poor impression. Your garden and outdoors set the tone for your home and tell visitors something about the people who live there.  The style and theme you choose for your landscaping design have to blend in with the size of your house and garden, as well as the location and surroundings.

A few great garden landscaping ideas:

  • Choose only plants of a certain colour or family and carry the theme throughout
  • Create a flower garden – choose different colours, heights, textures and forms and create an eye catching display
  • Make space in the garden for a herb, vegetable or fruit garden
  • Use ornamental grass – it provides contrast and tolerates any weather condition and temperature.  It’s also resistant to most insects and is low maintenance
  • Make use  of water features and fountains
  • Make use of focal points throughout the garden
  • Enhance parts of the garden with hardscape methods such paving, floors and walkways
  • Give your garden a decorative twist by designing patches in various shapes