Landscape Architecture

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If you are creative and love working outdoors, I am convinced that a career in landscape architecture will be ideal for you.  In earlier times, landscape architecture was merely an art form practiced by a few.  Nowadays, it is becoming one of the chosen professions as it provides us with an opportunity to become part of the “going green” and “saving the environment” campaigns.

Landscape architects base their work on protecting the environment and making use of natural resources.  The thing that I love about this field is that it is challenging and fulfilling at the same time.  Proper training at a reputable institution, accompanied by practical experience is a must.   The profession is highly competitive and employers and clients are looking for people with practical experience right from the start.

If you decide to study landscape architecture you will most probably design gardens and parks and create outdoor areas to accent buildings and beatify surroundings.  But it doesn’t stop there.  If you connect with the right people, you might get the opportunity to get involved with exciting projects such as restoring a wetland or designing a skateboard park.

The more demanding projects require working under challenging urban conditions and dealing with various temperaments and ideas.  I welcome these challenges, because it is where the artist in me emerges and where my love for nature and its products inspires me to great designs.