Landscaping Cape Town, plant choice & influences

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Garden Landscaping Ideas

Garden Landscaping Ideas

Some provinces in South Africa have four seasons in one day.  This makes planning of any kind a very difficult task.  Landscaping is influenced by precarious weather conditions.  When working with landscaping Cape Town based clients, landscapers should know beforehand how to deal with more than one season at a time.

Landscaping refers to the art and science of altering the features of an indoor or outdoor area to create a striking environment within the landscape.  Good landscapers observe, know and understand their surroundings and the various elements influencing landscaping.

Landscaping Cape Town is mainly influenced by the choice of plants and the variety of growing conditions.  Indigenous plants adapt to local conditions and thrive, even in extreme climates.   Indigenous plants such as proteas, buchuc, fynbos, restios, cycads and ericas are suitable for coastal conditions and well-known in the Western Cape.

The beautiful Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is a landscaping Cape Town work of art. Covering an area of 528 hectares, with 36 hectares of cultivated garden, these gardens are a showcase for South African and Western Cape indigenous plants.   The landscaping is exceptional with rolling lawns, streams, ponds and pathways, enhanced by a large bird population.

The suburbs of Cape Town have different growing conditions influenced by rainfall, wind exposure and soil type, therefore landscaping Cape Town techniques will differ from suburb to suburb. Landscapers have to be adept in the art of landscaping under diverse circumstances and the proper use of the land.

Whether you decide to invest in landscaping because you prefer to be surrounded by beauty or because you prefer a neat and tidy setting, you have to choose the right landscaping service provider.

Features of a Good Landscaper:

  • Providing innovative landscaping design based on experience and expertise
  • Providing various options to be discussed and explained to customers in detail
  • Being familiar with the climate and the landscape of the different areas they are servicing
  • Offering outstanding customer service and affordable prices
  • Using environmentally and health friendly products such as green pesticides
  • Taking responsibility by providing acceptable after sales service and a guarantee
  • Never performing tasks they are not licensed for such as connecting water pipes to municipal pipes
  • Providing an understandable contract protecting both parties and explaining  what is included and what is excluded, such as clearing the area beforehand, maintenance and upkeep costs, as well as embellishments
  • Negotiating the best prices for plants and accessories on your behalf