Landscaping Ideas

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Landscaping entails creating an artistic expression to beautify and grab the eye, as well as the mind.  As landscapers we use the landscape as our canvas and by adding or removing elements, we transform it into something remarkable.   Landscaping ideas were born as early as the 1700s and although it was all about beauty at the time, it has evolved into a complete profession.

I formulate my landscaping ideas and plans through looking at the surroundings, the climate and the native plants and material.  I am quite partial to making use of themes when designing a landscape.

A remembrance garden will have a perennial that returns year after year, symbolising the renewal of life.  Roses named after royalty, combined with accessories, make a perfect royalty garden.  I quite often opt for a garden with a certain style.  English gardens have small water features, while Roman or Greek gardens favour columns, statues and fountains.

There is also a choice between a formal and an informal design.  A formal designed is symmetrical with geometric shapes, using straight lines and uniform plants.  An informal designed is random, ranging from densely planted plants to wide open spaces.  It is also the ideal design if you want to create a children’s play area.

Great landscaping ideas are inspired by Mother Nature and her children, we should embrace what they offer and create our own slice of heaven on earth.